Review: Tao of Badass

One of the first things that I noticed was that he actually has credentials. While other authors boast about having worked in clubs or “for the government”, he has actually worked under someone that mentored famous self-help guru Tony Robbins. There are two things to keep in mind based on this- one, that he may just be good at “self-helping people” rather than “helping people”. In other words, he is good at making people feel better about themselves temporarily, but isn’t able to appreciably change or alter the underlying circumstances that make men feel insecure in the first place. Secondly, it also means that his speaking is probably better than his prose, so I’ll cut him some slack on the quality of the writing.

The content of the chapters is as follows: first, it lays out a framework for the way the book is going to be divided, and then Confidence, The System, The Approach, Tests, Reading Body Language, and Creating Love. None of them were particularly memorable, though there were some interesting nuggets of wisdom. For example, he makes the distinction between speaking with your stomach, and speaking with your throat. He also brings up a concept called “triangulation”, a pattern of eye movement that suggests sexual attraction. Unfortunately, not unlike most self-help books, he wasn’t able to really explore the topics in depth. I get that self-help books aren’t supposed to create miracles, but even Dale Carnegie had at least anecdotal evidence. This book, unfortunately, has zero of any sort of content that suggests that this would actually work in real life. All bark; no bite.

The most valuable takeaways from this book were a couple of interesting concepts that broadly apply to life and are characteristic on a good outlook- specifically, having a lot of options and being outcome independent. The latter specifically refers to the idea that when approaching any women, one should be fine no matter the outcome. It’s a great way of developing mental toughness. Unfortunately, the book falls into the trap that many self-help writers fall into- they diagnose the symptoms, but cannot for the life of god prescribe a cure. It can tell you what a badass doesn’t’ have, but struggles to explain how to develop what a badass DOES have.  Nevertheless, compared to most self-help books I have read, this one does stand out.

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