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Afraidtoask.com was created by Jonathan Bertman, MD FAAFP, a Clinical Assistant Professor of FamilyMedicine at Brown University and a Rhode Island Family Physician. AfraidToAsk.com began as a simple question by Charlie “Chizzy” Schachter in 1996 (shown here on the right of Jon). Charlie figured that since Jon was medical school, he might know the answer to a fundamental question, “What’s the average penis size?”

In researching the answer in medical journals and text books, Jon realized there was a deep-seeded curiosity and concern that many of us have, but about which we are uncomfortable asking about. Jon thus began AfraidToAsk.com as a way to allow people to find the answers to the persona questions that many of us are too embarrassed to ask a friend, family member, or even our own doctor. Afraidtoask.com bridges the gap between curiosity and medical science with detailed, yet easy-to-understand, guides that allow one to privately and accurately get your questions answered.

Dr. Bertman is a vocal proponent for Free Speech Rights afforded under our Constitution.

dr. jonathan bertmanIn 2001, Dr. Bertman sued the United States Government to stop the Childrens Internet Protection Act (CIPA), a law which resulted in this website being blocked at many libraries and schools. Although he initally won the case in Federal Court, the government appealed to the US Supreme court who reversed the lower court ruling. For his work to protect the right of Free Speech, Dr. Bertman was awarded a Citation of Merit from the Rhode Island Library Association.

Unlike other healthcare web sites, which have minimal graphics, afraidtoask.com offers photographs and illustrations, as well as in-depth information, to give people a better understanding of the real issues surrounding these personal topics. Board-certified physicians supervise ALL guide content and development.

In addition to AfraidToAsk.com and running a medical practice in Rhode Island, he is also the Editor-In-Chief of MDNG, a physician magazine dedicated to technology. He is a founding partner of HealthAccess RI, a company dedicated to providing affordable health care to uninsured Rhode Island citizens, and he is the president of Amazing Charts Electronic Health Records. Amazing Charts EHR is one of the top rated EHR products on the market for physicians. It is consistently referred to as being the “best bang for the buck”.