Rules of Friendship – Integrity

Integrity has a few different definitions but in the end they all boil down to the same things. Steel has a very high structural integrity because it is rigid and does not change shape or position easily. A person can have integrity because they stick to their morals and accept the consequences, good or bad, for their actions.

People demonstrate integrity all the time and all over the world. However, people can easily masquerade behind the word integrity when they are really just being stubborn. There is a fine line between integrity and stubbornness and most of the time the line varies widely from person to person. If someone tends to agree with your principles and they stick to their beliefs, then that person is said to be acting with integrity but if that someone disagrees with you then they are just plain stubborn and ignorant.

The other side of integrity is essentially the “golden rule”. Treat others how you wish to be treated is really great advice as cliché and annoying as it may be at this point. Don’t gossip about your friends. People, especially people you consider friends, usually don’t like to have negative things spread about them especially if they aren’t there to defend themselves. The opposite can also occur because no one wants a story spread about them that makes them greater than they actually are because when it comes time to perform, everyone could be let down. If someone is talking about someone and you don’t want to participate, listen or maybe want to stop the conversation, say something. Say what’s on your mind (that is, after all, what this site is about!). Tell people to stop spreading rumors about your friends. Leave the room if they don’t listen. Show integrity by showing that you won’t talk about your friends in a way they wouldn’t appreciate and also show integrity by getting the point across that you don’t gossip about people.

If a friend heard that you did this for them when they weren’t there to defend themselves, the trust and respect that is necessary for any friendship will form.

How do you guys define Integrity? Is it different from how I define it? Have any stories or advice for the community? Share it in the comments and the forums!