The Guide to Pubic Hair

Pubic hair can be confusing.

Should you shave? Should you trim? Why does it need to be there?  What will your partner think about your pubic hair?

Let’s explore some of these questions.

Why does pubic hair grow?


What are concerns associated with pubic hair?

What do girls think about pubic hair?


What do guys think about pubic hair?


How do you remove pubic hair?


Dealing with hair around your butt


Pubic hair care:



Dangers of shaving


Here’s what a wax procedure looks like (graphic)


A waxing procedure (In French)


Dangers of waxing


Laser Hair removal


Laser Hair Removal risks


Not everyone prefers a completely shaven/waxed pubic region.  However, most appreciate a trim.  The ultimate preference is dependent on you and your partner – but you probably knew that already.