Review: Capture His Heart (the good review)


This guide, Capture His Heart by Claire Casey and her husband Mike, is tailored towards women who are having trouble finding their Prince Charming.  For $47, you get the following:


It starts out with a brief introduction into why Claire and Mike created this program. She goes into her personal history which is relatable to almost any woman.

Part 1: Unlocking His Head (and Looking Inside)

1.1 and 1.2 – Why Men Love To Chase Women

1.3 – The Secret Invisible Obstacle Course

1.4 – Burn your “Perfect Man” Checklist, then Stomp on the Ashes


This part is called Unlocking His Head (and Looking Inside). There are 4 modules that summarize why men love to chase women. Claire says that men enjoy “the challenge”, and that women should not only treat themselves, but expects to be treated, as the reward for finishing the challenge. She says that men are simple and simple and literal communication is the best way to get your point across. At one point, Claire says to “burn your perfect man”. I thought she went crazy because being a man, I take things literally. What she actually was saying was that you should begin rebuilding your dating life by eliminating any preconceptions about what you are looking for and just start looking.

Part 2: Unleashing Your Inner Siren

2.1 – How to awaken Unsettling, Primal Urges in a Man

2.2 – Wake Up Gorgeous Hour One: The Single sexiest Thing You’ll Ever Wear

2.3 – Wake Up Gorgeous Hour Two: Treating Yourself to Sensual Pleasures

2.4 – Wake Up Gorgeous Hour Three: Stacking the “Body Odds” in Your Favor

2.5 – Wake Up Gorgeous Hour Four: How to Make Conversation Like You’re Making Love

2.6 – Wake Up Gorgeous Hour Five: Empathy, Encouragement and Admiration: Why Men Can’t Get Enough

2.7 – Wake Up Gorgeous Hour Six: Stun Him by Naming His Most Secret Gears and Desires

2.8 – Wake Up Gorgeous Hour Seven: Tease and Tantalize in a Way That Will Keep Him Riveted

2.9 – Wake Up Gorgeous Hour Eight: Let Him See You Having a Fabulous Life

2.10 – Seven Massive Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs


Part 2 is about unleashing your inner siren. She talks about how to be the most compelling woman in the room and how to act to attract the most fitting men to you. She explains that once a man wants you in every way, you have to keep that passion going. There is tons of content here with each module being up to an hour long. A pen and pad for taking notes and night to sleep on the topics discussed wouldn’t be a bad idea here.

Part 3: Holy Sh*t, It’s Working! Now What?

3.1 – Sorting the Keepers From The Throw-‘Em Backs

3.2 – Ordering at the Man Buffet

3.3 – Considering Commitment


Now that you have put your plan into action and attracted various men, what do you do? This is what she talks about in the third part. She goes into how to eat at the “man buffet”. She explains how to sort through the keepers and which fish to throw back into the pond. Lastly, she talks about considering a serious commitment if the signs and emotions are there.

Part 4: Keep Him Panting at Your Feet Forever

4.1 – Getting Your Man to Commit

4.2 – The Two Biggest Sex and Love Questions

4.3 – What’s That Ringing in His Ears… Wedding Bells?

4.4 – Never Quit Letting Him Woo and Win You


Finally, she talks about keeping the flame burning. It is at this point that most people have their troubles and she really flushes out the details. She talks about how to have a great sex life because she says that’s a major key to a happy and healthy relationship. She also talks about when wedding bells should start ringing and delves into how to have a happy marriage.

Overall, I’d say that this is an excellent product for men and women who are looking to get back into the dating game. The product is targeted towards women but men can learn a lot about what women expect in a relationship and how to fulfill those expectations. There is a very strong community willing to answer questions that may arise that are more specific to your situation and the support line for the product is decent as well, with a response coming usually in 24 hours but no more than 48 hours.

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