Review: Capture His Heart (The bad review)

As a guy that aspires to be a “lifelong learner”, I took a very open-minded approach towards reviewing this blog. As a guy, it may not seem immediately beneficial to be reading a women’s self-help book. After all, what could I get from something not specifically targeted to me? Wrong. Reading books like this allow you to get a better sense of the insecurities and biological instincts that characterize the females psyche. Topics like a biological clock (the limited time period in which a woman can bear children) and the social stigma of women approaching men together constitute the calculus that a woman makes when “playing men”. If anything, getting a better handle on this would probably help your romantic life if not help you at least become more well-rounded and interesting.

Unfortunately, the fact that this blog appears to be written by someone in middle school is troubling, and the fact that people actually paid for this disturbing. I’m honestly unsure if the person writing this has actually gone through puberty before. The comments also prevent me from believing this is real. It’s hard not to be at least somewhat skeptical when all of the comments are written in large clumpy paragraphs with horrendous grammar and bring up absolutely ridiculous topics. For those not written in the exactly same fashion, they are often “readers” that are asking for their money back, or are downright complaining about the content.

For the sake of the reader I’m going to make a list of what exactly someone will get out of reading this if they’ve already been suckered into dropping their money. For one, it might provide a basic introduction to topics that women find interesting. Most self-help sites superficially touch upon such topics; they may be devoid of substantive content, but they at least have to have some sort of hook.  Secondly, you’ll notice that a blog can differ wildly from a book. A cursory glance on Amazon indicates that the actual book received very solid (57+ reviews). This is probably an attempt to further cash in on that reader base. However I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually lost customers on this, because the blog was hardly anything more than an extended advertisement.

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