Review: The Venus Factor


This is a review of the “Venus Factor, a woman’s weight-loss system. Overall, this book is an excellent case study of learning how to read a book and highlights the importance of having book reviews. For anything else, don’t bother.

In the name of generosity, I’m going to list the “good news” before the “bad”. To be fair, the Venus Factor does have some redeeming traits if viewed through an optimistic lens. It brings up potential topics that can be interesting if explored even more deeply: for example, it discusses Leptin and how it affects dieting and having a proper fast. To someone absolutely clueless about dieting and nutrition (i.e someone born under a rock), these topics could potentially be an introduction to greater sources of wisdom. Unfortunately, these topics can be readily found on Wikipedia so this doesn’t count as differentiated content, and doesn’t come close to merit the dropping of actual cash.

Truthfully, this book was a gigantic waste of time for both author and reader. The reader, hoping to glean some sort of wisdom and meaningful advice from this, instead has to run to the hills and hope that his brain remains intact and unscathed. There is nothing new here. It’s also a waste of time for the author because they had to throw in some time to compose it—probably less than it took me to write this— but I doubt this book sold anyways. Then again this was penned by a guy that hasn’t revealed his background or credentials (which probably means he has none), so perhaps it was worth his time. Plainly speaking, when there are no credentials or scientific backing for any of the claims made, there is nothing stopping someone like me or you from simply copy and pasting the details and renaming it. We would probably even sell more because it would be better written. This is troubling.

Keep in mind that at the end of the day, this is but one man’s opinion. So, I propose the following: look this publication up on Amazon, and see for yourself what everyone else thinks. I don’t think your mind will change.

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