Welcome to the new Afraid to Ask.

Welcome to the new Afraid to Ask.

My name is Ellias, I am the new content manager as well as one of the Administrators of the site. My forum name is Ellias321. We’re rebuilding the Afraid to Ask community with the purpose of building confidence, dispelling fears and making you a better person. We ask that you stay respectful to the other users and the site itself.

As you can already tell, we’ve made some changes around here and they are not all purely cosmetic.  The first thing you’ll notice is the way the site looks. We overhauled it to make it simpler and easier to navigate.


Since the forums are the most important part of the site, the first thing you see when you load www.afraidtoask.com is:

A2A homepage

Click on the button that says “What are you Afraid To Ask?” to bring you directly to our forums. You’ll also notice that the search function is right at the top right. This searches everything on the site. Give it a shot. Odds are you aren’t the only person to think of a question before. See what others asked and how others responded. You can access the guides and blog using the main navigation bar at the top of the screen. If you scroll down from this screen, you’ll notice that the most recent posts from the forums, guides and blogs will be shown, just in case you miss something.

This site will be evolving over the next few months into something truly amazing. We will expand and reformat the guides with weekly blog posts. Forums will be reorganized a bit just to make things easier to navigate. The biggest feature of the site throughout the past and continuing into the future will be the forums. We want everyone who has a question to post it in the forums and for other community members to answer the questions thoughtfully and honestly. Rule #1 of the forums is “Don’t be an asshole.” Seriously, don’t be an asshole.

We want everyone who visits the site to learn something every time they visit. We want our regular users to be involved in the growth and development of the site. We’ll listen to your suggestions for blog topics, guide ideas and some other surprises we have planned.

Someone once told me, “Try to help someone every day. Hold the door for the old lady, donate a dollar, anything. Out of all of the things you can do to help someone, just do one every day.” That’s that credo I live by and that’s the philosophy I want all of you users to take not just while on out site in our community but everywhere.

And remember; Don’t ever be afraid to ask