Does size matter to women?

every inch counts

This is a loaded question.  The answer is: to some women, size matters.  To most, it doesn’t.

The real question that most men should be asking is “Am I able to satisfy my partner?”

Anecdotally, I’ve had my female friends tell me about extremely satisfying experiences with 3.5 inches and an uncomfortable-will-not-try-again experience with a very proud 8 incher.

Most men feel the need to impress women through what they “have” instead of what they can “do.”   Men (including myself), feel that a nice car, a cool apartment, and a big dick would attract the dream partner.  Having all that and more doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be the pick of the litter.  It’s how you apply what you were given.  Even Einstein was thought to be dumb in grade school.

I bet some of you are still wondering, “Let’s assume I have the right moves, does size matter?”

In a recent article, 160 women who experienced vaginal orgasms from sex weighed in on the question.  33.8% preferred longer than average, 60% had no preference, and 6.3% preferred shorter.

So what do you think? Does size matter?